Earth Guard Fiber Matrix™


Fiber Matrix™ Case Study

EarthGuard® Outperforms High End Rolled Erosion Control Products

Marcellus Shale Pipeline Project

After the implementation and failure of two high-end Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP’s), a major gas producer in Pennsylvania decided to utilize EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix.

EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix was installed September 7th by Penn Line Service, a hydroseeder out of Scottdale, PA. Less than 24 hours after the application, a severe storm (over 1-inch of rainfall) hit the project site. Not only did EarthGuard® prevent erosion, it also kept the seed in place allowing for germination and permanent slope stabilization. NOAA rainfall data at the site recorded over 4.5 inches of rain in the month it took to fully establish revegetation with the largest single day rain event of 1.7 inches and precipitation being received 18 of those 30 days*.

EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix is the highest performing product tested and supersedes the performance of even the best blankets for both erosion control and vegetative establishment. This is consistent with all nationally recognized testing labs. NTPEP test data is available at

"If we had used this product during the initial restoration, we do not believe this area would have been a problem. I will recommend EarthGuard® to my project managers in the future."

- Gas Corporation, Senior Environmental Coordinator

* Both RECP product’s failed attempts experienced similar rain fall rates.

Highly Effective. Cost Efficient.

How EarthGuard® Works:

EarthGuard®, a patented technology, utilizes an extremely high molecular weight blend of chemistry, which results in its superior charge density and soil stabilizing ability. It is designed to work directly with soil to maintain its stability by both preserving existing soil structure and flocculating fine sediment being dislodged by stormwater or wind. EarthGuard® is ideal for site- winterization (seed not required), where bare soil, slopes and stockpiles must be protected during the raining season. In re-vegetation and dormant applications, the superior soil stabilizing ability of EarthGuard® holds; seeds, soil, fiber and amendments in place until sufficient long-term growth/erosion control protection has occurred.

EarthGuard® is available in three forms:

Liquid 5-gal container can be added to standard hydro mulch prior to installation
Pellets Pelletized product shipped in 50 lb. bags, can be installed dry or through a hydroseeder.
Fiber 50 lb. prepackaged bale of EarthGuard® and 100% wood fiber

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