Edge™ EarthGuard™ Pellets


Pellet form of top-rated EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix

For Hydraulic or Dry Application

This patented technology offers extraordinary erosion control protection, exceptional turbidity reduction and quick growth establishment, with fast, easy applications at a great price.

Applied hydraulically, Edge™’s compact and quickly expanding pellet makes it simple to transport, handle, load and compared to other hydraulically applied erosion products, requires approximately 50% less water to install. Possessing a +99.9% erosion control rating, at low application rates, makes it much more economical than other top tiered spray-on and blanket products.

Applied dry, Edge™ eliminates the need for water, concerns of cold weather installations, and site access problems. It’s also, great for manual application on smaller sites when a hydraulic application isn’t cost effective.

Applied dry in pellet form, Edge™ expands on contact with dew or rainfall, spreading both the fiber and EarthGuard® patented soil stabilizer.

Product Packaging Availability:

Pre-packaged in:

  • 50 lb. Bag
  • 900 lb. Bulk Sack
  • 1000 lb. Bulk Sack

Specialized packaging for aerial bucket capacity is also available.

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